Creating a balance in your training is an often overlooked aspect of training. Constantly working harder and faster, lifting more, hitting the bags more, always pushing.

It’s a mindset that really became popular in the eighties and has never gone away. As a result stress is sky high, stress related illnesses are rife, over training is common and we and up running ourselves into the ground.

Where is the balance?

What really got me thinking was a conversation I had in the gym with a member the other day, he said I’m so tired I can barely face training today. I’ve seen him train, he’s definitely in the train harder, not smarter category.

We had Steve Tappin over, a hard man, loved to fight as a bouncer as a fireman, he was a physical man. Yet he speaks of his instructor, Brian Jones, another hard man, and his daily Tai Chi practice.

Real Tai Chi, not the garbage that you’re local beardy weirdy society spews out.

I started thinking about balance. Training is stress, working is stress, sparring and fighting is stress, where is the anti stress?

For me I enjoy Chi Gung exercises, reading, writing and getting outside (especially now it’s the summer) be it the park, beach or mountains, it doesn’t matter. I find reading a better way to relax that just staring at the goggle box in the corner. I’ve been writing a bodyweight training manual, hopefully due for release in the next two months, the creating process has been phenomenally relaxing.
The Chi Gung is something I learned through the martial arts and there are time I practice intensely and times I don’t do any, but I enjoy the chilled out sessions the best. One of my favorites is the Ba Duan Jinn (8 pieces or brocade) method.

I am considering running workshops in the Ba Duann Jinn method at the gym in the mornings, I guarantee you’ll feel better and ready for the day after a session (approx 20-30 mins), keep an eye on for updates on this, I’ll have to see what the gym manager says first.

Whatever your method, take time out and chill, your family, your boss and your immune system will thank you for it.


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