Imagine yourself fit

Imagination is really all you need to get fit, stay fit or become superhuman.

I’ve spent much of my adult life either bumming around as a backpacker or working 60-70 weeks in the real world.
And yet I was always viewed as “the fit bloke”, maybe not the biggest or fastest, or even the stronger, but a good bit of all of them.

The reason being, I had to change my training approach according to my circumstances, my old gym was Cat Bells and Causy Pike in the lake district and my weight was either my backpack or my bike. I would do pull ups from tree branches. I learned to train wherever and whenever.

This ability is one of the reasons people come to me for training. For example, I met one of my clients the gym the other morning. The gym was late opening, so we went to the park and used the kids playgound. A fit strong female triathlete was humbled by her own bodyweight and a few childrens toys. She couldn’t believe it herself.

Ask yourself, do you need expensive gym memberships and fancy gadgets? I’ve just bought a 40kg bag of sand, a roll of Duct tap and some heavy duty bin sacks, I’m now heading out to the shed to put together my own home made sandbag using an old holdall.

An adjustable, versitile and CHEAP piece of old school, “hardcore” training kit. In rip off Ireland I will show you how you can get a demon workout for less than 20euro.

Watch this space….

Adapt and Overcome, use the imagination, there are no excuses!

Oh, if you want to spend a few quid and actually buy a sandbag, or just want more resources on the best way to use them, you won’t go wrong with Josh Henkins

Wild Geese
any cause but our own


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