How to Shoot yourself in the Foot in the Gym

This is a great article from top trainer Charles Staley, creator of the Escalating Density Training method.

While I’m impressed by the whole article it really is the very first and very last points that got my attention. In the Article Charles lists 10 reasons why you may not be progressing as you would want in the gym (and with little interpretation you can apply all his points to your martial arts progress or just about anything else.)

The opening section (before he even gets to point 1) is worthy of a whole article, but Charles barrels on to list 10 common errors made by even the most professional trainee, but in my mind number 10 is the one everyone should read!I’ve seen (and been guilty of) all 10 points but it is the last one that I have the hardest time convincing clients of.

Quite often they look at me in disbelief when I tell them that an hour on the cross trainer followed by 2 spin classes back to back is the very reason why they are still soft and squishy.

If you’re not going to beleive me, here’s a guy with double my knowledge and experience, you may beleive him:

Click here for the full article:

Charles Staley’s Escalating Density Training Method is a fantastic system. I personally used it to put numbers onto my kettlebell snatches, is saw a 20% increase in my numbers in only three weeks, I intend to use it again in preperation for next years amature kettlebell sports games in London.

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