"kenpo is taught weird, like you cant really use it!"

That is a quote from one of my students today.

A little explanation needed. In the previous incarnation of the martial arts academy, I was bound by the syllabus and had to teach Kenpo in a certain way. Now as Paul and I have taken over the academy, we can teach it as we see fit.

Today I based the Kenpo class around a Filipino Martial Arts drill, and then brought various strikes into it. Then I told them to do whatever they wanted.

Interestingly enough they started using simplified kenpo techniques, naturally and finding the combos that worked for them.

It was after the class that a normally nervous and quiet kenpo student came up to me and said how much they enjoyed it and asked why they’d never been shown kenpo in such a manner before. It was then they said the immortal line:

“Kenpo is wierd, it’s lke you can’t really use it, I already feel more confident”

Is this the general view amongst the student? Has kenpo become just another art already? Parker hasn’t been dead that long, there’s no way his art has gone the way of the karate’s and kung fu’s.

Well in the martial arts academy it’s back, the syllabus is under serious review and the martial is being put back in the art.

Ed Parker would turn in his grave if he could see some of the kenpo I’ve seen, if he could hear some of the things students get told.

It is my intention to bring the art back in line with the way Parker intended it to be when he developed it.

An effective street self defence system

NOT an endless succession of techniques and forms.

Wild Geese
any cause but our own


2 thoughts on “"kenpo is taught weird, like you cant really use it!"

    • In all honesty, I’ve no time for the forms other than Long 1 and 2. I grew up practising Wado Ryu Karate where the forms have substance, most of the kenpo forms are a sequence of techniques already found in the syllabus, in this respect they add nothing to the art.
      At least the Japanese forms and the Long 1 & 2 forms are based on concepts and skills rather than predetermined techniques, this gives them value.
      Short answer then is, we dropped them.

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