Did anyone see the “Gladiators: the Legends” on sky one yesterday?

It was a Gladiators soecial where they brought some of the original Gladiators back to face down the new ones.

Now I was a fan of the original series and remember watching Lightning, Wolf and the others week in week out. We all had our favorites and quite often we’d cheer for the Glads, not the contendors.

However this new series has been a bit poor. Not one of the new Glads has a personality to speak of, incredible physiques and athleticism maybe, but character, no.

Now this special, old vs new. It was fun, best episode in the new series. Why? Cos it showed that experience counts. Now I missed the end, but the “Old girls” were destroying the new girls. The lads, well they were mainly mucking about.

But lets really look at it. The old gladiators are all in the age range of 36 (lightning) to 50something (wolf).
Did you see Lightning’s 6 pack?
Did Wolf quit when out muscled by a guy half his age?
Did Trojan look or move like any 40year old you know?
They are an inspiration to any of us.

How many times do you hear women saying “I don’t want to lift weights incase I get bulky”, Ladies, i ask you this did Lightning or Flame look bulky?
Guys complaining about their age and how they’re too old to train. Lads in the original series, Wolf was in his 40’s and he regularly took out opponents much younger than himself. In the special he’s 50+, does he look like he’s about to retire?

A primetime entertainment show has shown us that age only beats us if we let it. Those Gladiators haven’t given in, why should the rest of us?

Paul Cox (aka the Phoenix) is the Chief Instructor at the Wild Geese HQ, he’s 43 and can out train any one of his students.

Steve Maxwell (www.maxwellsc.com)is in his 50’s, when he is in Ireland this October I’m sure he’ll pass on some of the secrets that he uses to keep himself in the kind of shape that defies most 25yr olds these days.

I’m always inspired by these older warriors, I’m currently 31, I’ve no intentions of slowing down.

Have you?


Wild Geese
every cause but our own


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