Watch Your Back

The large majority of gym bunnies have a tendency to ignore their back.
Women tend to jump around in silly aerobics sessions and the Adductor machines, Men spend too much time on pressing movements and “mirror workouts”.

We all spend too much time slumped over a desk/on the sofa/in the car.

The result:
Overly loose back muscles that can no longer hold us up in the upright posture that separates man from beast.
This then can lead to an array of problems, most common is the bad back, rounded shoulders and shoulder pain, neck pain and headaches.

Yet the back is relatively easy to train, even with No Equipment.

There are a variety of drills available that will hit all the various muscles that make up the back. Even some press up variations will hit the back as one of the functions of the upper back is to stabilise the shoulder joint.

I was recently asked by a client who has just torn ligaments in his ankle how he can keep training. I suggested the following:
Press ups (and variations)
Towel Rows
Doorway Pullups.

All done with little or no equipment, and allow him to get great upper body work while allowing the ankle to recover.

If he was able to support weight on the foot I’d have also added in supine bridges, and seeing as he’s recently took up Muay Thai, the wrestlers bridge for strengthening the neck. Vital for good clinch work and protecting against knockout.

Here’s a clip of the Towel Row:

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