Apologies, but….

Sorry gang but I have to go away this weekend.

But believe me it is business and not pleasure!

When i’m not torturing willing victims with Kettlebells, Bodyweight drills and brutal circuits, I act as an advisor to a UK based Security Company, www.specialist-security.com.

My job with them is to advise on Self Defence Tactics and on keeping the body and mind in tip top shape for when a situation goes pear shaped.

The downside is, from time to time I get called away to sit in on the various training courses they offer.

Ok, I’ll admit, it’s not a bad downside, it is also fun to learn about up to date security methods and swap stories with the lads that have been there and done that.

This weekend is something different for me, Maritime Security. And me, a land lubber!

The upshot is there are no Kettlebell classes, lunchtimes or evenings untill Tuesday, and while I won’t be doing a saturday session in Dublin, there’s no reason for you lot to sit idle!

I do intend to get a workout done in my hotel room. I’m making the assumption that the gym either doesn’t exist or is crap, so it will be bodyweight for me.

I’m going to do somebody elses workout over the weekend, it’s from Scott Sonnon and his Tacfit program. He gave away a free workout from his new Tacfit Commando Program, so I reckon if ever there’s a time to try it it’s while hanging out with a load of Commando types.

The advantage of the Tacfit Commando program is that it is designed to be short, sharp and effective and utilises bodyweight only movements. Sounds similar to many of my own programs, but the difference id Scott Sonnon uses moves like you’ve never seen! Stick Tacfit and Scott Sonnon into the YouTube search bow if you don’t believe me!

Any how, till Tuesday.

Keep Training



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