One Exercise Fat Loss – Now available!!

It’s gone live!!

My second eBook is now available!!

I have to say, I’m a little excited.

If you click HERE, you’ll be magically whisked over to the shop page of my other site, Wild Geese Martial Arts, where the shop is and you’ll get to have a read of what One Exercise Fat Loss & Conditioning is all about.

Although I have been told that I tend to give away the gist in the title.

My other titles are just as cryptic, see if you can guess what these eBooks and free downloads are about:

No Equipment, No Excuses – Bodyweight training for the Home, Office or on the road”, can you guess what that one is about?

Or “Chi Gung Notebook”, this one was included in the “No Equipment…” package, but if you hit the link you can download it now.
How about “Isometric Strength Secrets of the Shaolin Monks”, that’s a tough one to guess…. but it is included as a bonus if you buy the new book, cunning titled:

One Exercise Fat Loss and Conditioning

The next project, one that I’m already working on will be dedicated to the use of Sandbags for strength & conditioning. Now, that last sentence sounds like a solid title for the book…

But what I’m going to do instead is let you decide the title yourselves.

So here’s the deal, Sandbag training is a fantastic addition or alternative to your normal training. My last one burst, so I’ve been down to the Army Surplus shop and bought a couple of brand new duffel bags and I’m about to build two new sandbags. The whole building process is going to be documented.
Then, myself and fellow Wild Geese coaches, Paul Cox and Dave Gordon, will write training programs, along with detailed exercise descriptions and photo’s of how to perform the exercises.
Expect circuits, expect Bodyweight/Sandbag combo’s, expect Sandbag/Kettlebell combo’s. And a whole lot more besides.

If the title you suggest is picked as the winner and we use it as the title of the eBook, you will receive a copy of the book, and the entire back catalogue of Wild Geese publications.

Pretty cool huh?

So get thinking, post your ideas in the comments box below.



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