Week 2 of Kettlebell Sports Training

It’s been a long old week! But dividends are already starting to show through.

The goal is to compete in the Kilkenny National Kettlebell Sports tournament and put on a good show. My personal goal at the moment is to hit CMS by the world Kettlebell club rankings, this is a high target to achieve, particularly as this is my first competition. To reach this rank I need to Jerk a pair of bells 68 times and snatch a bell 65 times in each hand, the bell in question must weigh 28kg.

Wish me luck.

Here’s the week’s training just finished:

Mon 24th May- No training today, family commitments

Tuesday 25th May – Jerk day
Warm up:

10 reps each of 16’s, 20’s, 24’s, 28’s, 5 reps on the 32’s

Work Sets:

28 x 12 x 1

24 x 25 x 1

16 x 40 x 1

Followed an hour later by the Combat Conditioning Class:
90kg Barbell Clean 2 x 1

1. Commando Pull ups

2. “U” Push Ups

3. 20ish kg Sandbag Halo to Squat

4. Rope Climb

5. Seated Russian Twist (16kg)

6. Thrusters (2 x 28kg bells)

Round one – 1 complete circuit, 45 sec per station, 10 sec rest Round two – 1 complete circuit, 30 sec per station, 10 sec rest in the reverse direction
Round three – 10 stations, 20 sec per station, 10 sec rest

Wed 26th May – Snatch Day

I was wary going into today. Last Friday I did a tough Snatch session which, combined with the humidity, left me with some blisters. Blisters that were later torn by Sparring Paul and his nephews WEKAF style (full contact stick fighting with armour)

Warm Up:
10 reps each hand: 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32

Work Sets:

24 kg x 10l/r
24 kg x 20 l/r
24 kg x 30 l/r
My hands started to tear again at this point, so the snatch session had to cut short. I switched to swings:

2 handed swing x 40kg x 40reps x 2 sets

1 handed swing x 40kg x 20 reps each hand

1 Leg Romanian deadlift, 2x 16kg’s x 50 l/r

Thurs 27th May – Jerks day (trained with my class)

Pre class:
Warm Up – Mobility drills and 16kg swings of various styles, 10 mins total.

Work – 1 arm clean & jerk ladder:
5 l/r x 32kg, 36kg, 40kg x 3 rounds

Class Warm up:
Joint Mobility x 10 mins
2 min light Jerks (I used 16kg’s)

Work Sets:

Double KB jerks x 2 mins x 4 sets (I had 24’s, which felt very light)

Jump Squats x 15 x 4 (again I used a 24kg)

1 hand swings left x tabata

1 hand swings right x tabata

For the Tabata’s I had the 36kg.

Fri 28th May – Snatch Day

Hands felt good today but keeping volume down as a precaution.

Warm Up:
10 l/r x 16, 24, 32

Work Sets:

32 x 10 l/r x 1

32 x 20 l/r x 1

24 x 20 l/r x 2
16 x 30 l/r x 1

Done. Felt strong, the 32 kg went up well and I could have carried on past the 20 reps, same with the 24kg. By the time I hit the 16 the freshly healed blisters were getting a little tender so cutting the sets short turned out to be the right move. Next week I ought to be able to go a little harder as the hands will be better healed and better conditioned to the high rep snatch sets.





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