Training For Kettlebell Sport – Week 3

It’s been a long week!

Another 5 consecutive days of training are over, and by god am I feeling it! However good progress was made.
The hands finally became conditioned to high rep snatches, while I do use the snatch in my normal training, I don’t usually go for as long as the kettlebell sport requires. Even with good technique the hands were getting torn up. After 3 weeks, they are healed, the skin has toughened in the right places and the snatch is flowing nice.

Here’s the training log:

Mon 31st May: Jerks
Warm up –
10 x 16’s, 20’s, 24’s,
5 x 28’s, 32’s
3 x 32’s

Work Sets –
28’s x 15 x 2
24’s x 25 x 1
16’s x 40 x 1

Sissy Squats – 24’s x 70 x 1
RDL – 24’s x 55 x 1, 24’s x 15 x 1 (I planned a single set of 70, but fatigue got the better of me at 55 reps)

This was tough to get into today, the body was stiff and tired and seemed to take forever to warm up. The few jerks with the 32’s, while I’m capable of far more than 3, did a good number on waking up the nervous system for the 28’s. The 28kg jerks sets were surprisingly comfortable, especially as when I hit them in the warm up I could barely move them!

Tues 1st June – Snatch
Warm Up –
10 l/r on 16, 20, 24, 28, 32

Work sets –
32 x 25 x 1 L/R
24 x 30 x 1 L/R
16 x 40 x 1 L/R

Felt strong!
Later the same day I participated in the Combat Conditioning class which was:
1A: Deadlifts, 3 reps of 80kg, 90kg, 95kg, 100kg, 105kg
2A: Pull up x 5
2B: KB clean & Press x 5 (on a ladder, 20’s, 24’s, 28’s)
2A & 2B were alternated in a superset fashion, working the clean & press with heavier weights to a max, then dropping back. We performed 6 rounds of this.

In hindsight, joining in a deadlift session, while not particularly heavy, was not wise after a snatch session earlier in the day. That evening I suffered!

Wed 2nd June – Jerks
Warm Up –
10 x 16’s, 20’s, 24’s, 28’s
32’s x 5 x 2

Work sets –
28’s x 20 x 2
24’s x 30 x 1
16’s x 50 x 1

Jump Squats, 24 x 15 x 4

Back and shoulders were tired from Tuesday, but still performed well on the jerks. The fatigue made me work harder on technique.
When it came to the squats, I was pretty shot!

Thurs 3rd June – Planned a Snatch session but the day was very humid, so played it sensible!
Time / volume set on 1 arm long cycle. 40kg x 3reps x 10 minutes.

Alternating clean & press, 24’s x 5 mins
This a favorite drill that I learned from Kettlebell master, Vasilly Gincko, here’s an old video demoing it:

Finisher complex (drop set):
Double Snatch x 5
Double High Pull x 5
Double Swing x 5

Alternated with a partner, you only rest for as long as it takes your mate to perform the series. We did 5 rounds.

Friday 4th june – Jerks
Today was again humid and close, the body was tired and the mind weak. Fortunately this is the last hard workout before a restful long weekend and a back week!

Warm Up-
10 x 16’s, 20’s, 24’s, 28’s
32’s x 5 x 2

Work sets-
28’s x 20 x 1
28’s x 18 x 1
28’s x 10 x 1
24’s x 20 x 2
20’s x 40 x 1

Front squats:
10 x 16’s, 20’s, 24’s, 28’s
5 x 32’s


Next week is a back week, so training will be light, volume will be lower. Then 3 more solid weeks, another back weeks and the competition will be almost on us!

And don’t forget, next sunday (the 13th) I will be running a Level III workshop at Wild Geese HQ, this covers the Snatch and Jerk in great detail. If time permits we will also look at some of the assistance work that you’ve been reading about in these recent posts.
Drop me a line to book a place (

Enjoy the weekend



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