Less than 1 week till Boot Camp

There is less than 1 week remaining for you to register for the next Wild Geese Boot Camp.

The date of commencement is the 4th August, this is a Wednesday, the Wednesday after the bank holiday.

We have limited places available, there’s no way I’ll allow too many people to participate, the quality of training quickly spirals down as numbers go up.
Many of the last Boot Camp participants have already signed up for this second one. Other are taking time of and waiting for the September camp.

Is this Boot Camp for you?
If you need to ask then it probably isn’t, but I’ll help you out a little. Ask your self the following questions:

1. Do I need to improve my fitness?

2. Can I benefit from becoming physically stronger?

3. Am I willing to push myself to my absolute limits?

4. Do I want to find out what I’m made of?

5. Am I highly motivated?

If you answered yes to all of the above, congratulations, I’ll see you at 7am, wed 4th August.

Don’t be late




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