Barbells Shin Pads and BJJ

What a great day at Wild Geese HQ, and it’s only half way through.

Was in early this morning for private training with some of my fitness clients, then the lunchtime training guys started arriving. All the while at the other end of the studio Abnel, our Brazilian JuJitsu coach was in with a private client followed by Dave with a personal Muay Thai session! 1 Arm Push Up 4s.jpg

Thankfully I have a gap now so I hit a quick workout, Deadlifts and 1 arm push ups.

I did 5 sets of 5 Deadlifts, each set heavier then the last alternating each with a set of 5 One Arm Push Ups.

It was fun, short and efficient (sounds like my wife…) but left enough in the tank for my Kettlebell Class later today, I intend to train alongside them. We’ll be doing some heavy pressing tonight!

In other news, our clothing supplier has promised us that our overdue delivery will in the post tomorrow, he’s had some problems at the factory. I know many of you have been waiting for the Shin pads, believe me when I tell you that they are worth the wait. We could double the price on these puppies and they’d still be value for money!

Also coming in are Rash Guards in XL as the large are just too small for many of our guys, including myself. If you want to see what else we have on offer nip over to

We do now need to put in a t shirt order. I’m looking for ideas on a design. Something that represents what Wild Geese is all about, it can include the logo, but doesn’t have to.

Lets have some ideas from you guys.

I’ll get you started:

One of the kickboxers likes the way his knuckles leave an indentation in the mats when he does knuckle push ups and wants that on a t shirt. An Eskrimador suggested a goose skull with crossed sticks or blades. I’m thinking of a huge oversized logo on the back with Wild Geese in bold print going up the front.

Whats your idea?




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