Achieving Goals

It’s been a busy weekend!

But it also signals the completion of my second major goal this year.

Earlier in the year I trained for and competed in a Kettlebell Sport event, this has been a goal of mine for some time. I was pleased with the result in the Jerks event and I’m taking the lessons learned from the snatch event and using them to improve.

The other major goal has little to do with training and competing.

Actually that’s not true.

It has a lot to do with training and competing.

In order to peak for an event, you must set a series of targets and knuckle down until each one is ticked off. By the time the last target is hit, you should be in competition shape.
Getting up every day and working hard at hitting these targets takes a bucket load of discipline. Every day you have to see yourself pushing past that days target, digging deeper and going harder.

You have to have the fortitude to push and push, inching closer to that end goal, that peak performance.

Every day you will wake up and ask yourself why.
Why am I pushing so hard?
Why must I train today?
Can I not take a rest today?

You have to eat right, sleep right, train right and rest right.

You have to forgo the beers with the guys on the weekend, you may have to get out of bed earlier, stay up later.

You have to do whatever it takes to reach that goal.

It’s as much mental as it is physical.

All my training partners at Wild Geese saw how I struggled to keep motivated towards the last few weeks approaching the Kettlebell competition. The repetition had started to get to me, the goal was in sight but I hated the fact that every day I would get up and go to Snatch or Jerk, or Snatch, or Jerk.
But I wanted to do well, I wanted to perform, even though I was growing sick of the training, getting pissed off at the thought of another endless set of Girevoy Sport lifts, I did it anyway.

78 jerks in 10 minutes with 24kg bells, is a the result. For a first ever attempt at the sport, that’s a good total.

On the day, all the pain, the blisters, the fatigue, the close calls with injuries and the mental struggle to just continue all paid off.

This brings me to goal number 2.

This was even bigger, and you guys played as much a part as I did.

Over the last couple of days I moved my family into a new house. Since launching Wild Geese in the depths of a recession bound, seemingly crippled economy, I’ve struggled, and on many occasions I considered quitting.

But lessons I’ve learnt on the training floor, the mental fortitude to lift serious Iron, run ridiculous distances and push myself mentally and physically. These lessons stood to me in “real” life.

For the last year I have been 100% immersed in Wild Geese, I lived in the studio, I slept on the mats, I worked from 6.30am often till 10pm. I’ve built the business up to a level where I can bring my family who have been incredibly patient home from their grannies.

My wife volunteered to move in with her mother so I could focus on building the business to a stage where it would support us. It was a selfless offer and an incredible show of her support for me and Wild Geese, it’s something I’ll never forget. Every time I doubted myself and my ability to make things work, I would think of them. Every time I got fed up with living in the gym, I would think of them.
I needed to succeed, failure was not an option. To fail meant the family would never be back together, it would mean closing the gym and attempting to find some kind of paid employment.

This weekend just passed saw me able to hire a van and move them back. We have a lovely house with a fantastic garden for my little man to run around in.
In comparison, a Kettlebell competition, a marathon or a quadruple bodyweight deadlift are small fry.

Now the focus has shifted, now I’m not looking to simply create a home for them, but now I want to create the best home for them. In order to do this I need to create the best business for them, I need to keep learning and improving, but I will NEVER sell out. I will not start teaching bullshit courses simply to make a few quid quickly. I have turned down offers to teach aerobics, spin, Zumba and all the other muck.
This weekend myself and the Rasta are heading down to Tullamore for a workshop with Irish Powerlifter, Andy Bolton. While I’m a Kettlebell specialist, I see the value in every style of training. Some athletes come to me purely to get strong, and nobody is stronger than a powerlifter. Learning from a man like this will make me a better coach, it will add real, usable tools to my tool box. It will bring me closer to my goal of becoming a better coach

So my next set of goals are simple:

Keep learning, keep improving myself and my business, spend more time with the family.

Having a goal to work towards is a vital part of not just your training life, but if the goal doesn’t mean anything to you, you’ll never, ever achieve it.
You’ll remain just another also ran. A coulda, woulda, shoulda…. Instead of telling the grandkids how you did, you’ll be telling them how you almost did.

Get of your arse and start doing stuff. I did and I’m still reeling from the awesome results.

Take control of your life.

You will never look back if you do.


Dave Hedges


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