Today’s Workout

Today’s lunchtime fitness gang worked good and hard today. A short and sweet session that left them all breathing hard but smiling.

Here’s what they did:

10 x Swings
5 x Thrusters
5 l/r x Reverse Lunge

Do as a complex, ie do all reps of all exercises in sequence without putting the bells down. Use a pair of kettlebells of “respectable” weight.

If you don’t have Kettles, use a bar or sandbag and switch the swings for Romanian Deadlifts.

Bang out 4 – 6 rounds, or if your hard core like our Eddie, get as many done as possible inside 15 minutes.
Poor Eddie was left lying a puddle of his own sweat after banging out 5 rounds with a pair of 20kg kettles, fair play to him, he’s a tough lad!


Dave Hedges

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