Being Awesome

My sister. We’re very different animals, she’s the brains with a list of academic credentials and I’m the monkey who found himself running a Fitness & Martial Arts operation because, well frankly, I couldn’t do anything else.

Yet here we are, foraying into each others territory, I’m becoming a prolific writer, and she’s becoming a fitness enthusiast.
She helped with the photography and layout in my first publication, No Equipment No Excuses so it’s only right that I help her with a few hints and tips on diet and training.
She’s taken to cycling as her sport of choice. Which is cool, I love the bike although I was always more of a mountain biker. And she’s come up with a ridiculous challenge.

Now, I say ridiculous…but what I mean is Awesome.
So often the two words mean the same thing.

In a T-Nation article a while back powerlifting legend Jim Wendler gave some sage advice. The question was on exercise selection, his answer was simple, but deep. A zen master could spend years meditating on these few words.
Jim said, “Before you do anything, first ask your self, is it awesome”

Is it Awesome?

How perfect a piece of advice is that?

And I just passed it onto my own sister. Cool.
She is planning to ride John O’Groats to Lands End, basically the length of the UK, unsupported for charity.
Now that’s awesome.

Due to recent performance problems on the bike, she’s doubting herself, but if you had set a challenge that didn’t cause doubt, how could it be a challenge? How could it be awesome?

Awesome – something that inspires Awe or “an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, fear, etc., produced by that which is grand, sublime, extremely powerful, or the like: in awe of god; in awe of great political figures.”

Going from an unfit chain smoking student to a solo endurance rider is awesome, doing the End to End unsupported is awesome, raising cash for charity is awesome.

So here’s a challenge for you.
Today is monday, we all know Mondays suck. I want you to change that by doing something awesome today.

Here are some examples:
In the Boot Camp this morning, Ian pressed out the 40kg bell, that was so awesome it inspired Eoin to have a go, he push pressed it, which was also awesome (Eoin only weighs 75kg)

As soon as I finish writing this I’ll go in and do some Deadlifts followed by heavy Kettlebell Snatch, two of the most awesome lifts.

The lunchtime fitness guys and girls will in for an awesome sort sharp shock session, turkish get ups are on the menu today…

I just gave a client two 8kg kettlebells as a parting gift as she’s moving away, her face lighting up was awesome.

Later today there are a group coming in from Rehab Care, a mental illness support group. The fact that they are coming in to hit the bags and have some fun is Awesome.

Going over to my sisters blog ( and offering support would be awesome.

Do something awesome today.
Nah! Do something awesome EVERY day



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