Tempus Fugit and a Question for You

I’ve been a little quite on the blog the last few days, but man have I been busy!

Between personal training clients, Boot Camp, lunch times, evening classes, training and most importantly family, I’ve let my writing slip.

This means a couple of things.
1- The blog is a little behind and
2 – The Boot Camp manual is waaaayyyy behind schedule.

However, I have a little extra time this week so I promise to get back to regular blog posts, but I’ll ask you this:

What would you like me to talk about?
I always get a good response from the more motivational pieces, the more technical how to articles also seem popular. But I’m offering you the chance to ask me what you’d like to know about, more on bodyweight training? Kettlebells? Creating home workouts? Motivation and mindset?

Let me know.

As for the Boot Camp manual, well that’s turning into a monster. I initially was going to simply write about what we had done during the first few camps, but as usual I find myself digressing.
Instead of just the How, I always like to include the Why. So the Manual is expanding from a follow along workout program (don’t worry, that will still be included) to a complete manual on how to create your own workouts based on solid principles.

You’ll not only learn what each day consists of on the actual camp, but you’ll have suggestions, information and ideas to use the exact principles I used but in almost any setting. That means if you’re a coach you can use my methods in your own gym. If you are an athlete looking for a better way to improve performance, burn fat and increase strength, then you will have it, with all the guidelines to create the perfect program for you wherever you may be.

When will this be ready? Good question.

I’m going to set a provisional date of the 1st November. That’ll be enough time for me to write a decent manual and still leave training time for you to look awesome in your Xmas party frocks!
If you can’t wait then you’d better turn up on the 11th October at 7am and actually take part in the actual Boot Camp!




Next Kettlebell Workshop:
17th October – Level 3, Snatch & Jerk

Next Boot Camp commences 11th October

Email for more details (info@wildgeesema.com)


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