Whats on for 2011?

After a busy 2010, I’ve been taking time out over Xmas and it’s been great!
I don’t turn the phone off and play with my boy from dawn till dusk, but that’s exactly what the last few days have been about.
I’ve eaten a lot of food, drank a lot of beer and wine and have steadily watched the numbers on the scales go up.

And I’ll guess I’m not alone in seeing the scales tell a tale of rapid expansion.
But in my case it’s deliberate. The last few weeks before my Xmas break I held back on my calorie intake while training hard (newsletter subscribers saw the bodyweight workouts, but that was on top of my regular training), so I entered this period of excess with a depleted body crying out for both rest and calories.
By the time I get back to regular training I’ll have gained mass with only a small increase in bodyfat.

Considering the plan for 2011, I’m going to need this extra mass.

Lets see whats on the card for the new year:

  1. A NEW early morning class – every Tues & Thurs morning I’ll be open from 0700 for Kettle AM training.
  2. Another Boot Camp – This one starts on the 31st January. If you’ve a few pounds to shift, this 4 week program will sort it!
  3. Training commences for the Irish Long Cycle Kettlebell competition which I’ll be competing in on March 26th.
  4. The regular classes all kick off from 6th Jan.
  5. I’ve to plan the 2011 Kettlebell Workshops, we’ll be taking them on the road. if you wish to host a workshop at your gym, give me a shout.
  6. I’ve had the photography done so now I have to sit and write the Workshop manuals, all 5 levels. These will be free to all workshop participants and available from the website.
  7. I’ve to continue working on the new eBook based on our Boot Camp and the success of those that took part.
  8. I’ve to get over to Mike Mahler when he visits our friends in Scotland.
  9. I’ve training courses to write for our friends over at www.praetorian-security.us.com
  10. Plus expect some developments over at our sister site www.wildgeesema.com
  11. And last, but certainly not least, child number two will be making an appearance very soon.

This is not a list of new years resolutions, these are all going to happen, and more importantly, all but No.11 will have happened by the end of March. Number 11 will be a few months later.

I’ve a good feeling about 2011. The year just gone has been our best ever, I intend to repeat that staement wholeheartedly this time next year.

Will you be saying the same?

Take charge this year.



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