“Wud ya b bothered with that sh1te in all honesty”

That is an actual comment that turned up on a friends Facebook page when she posted up one of my YouTube workouts.
She had announced that she was following my 12 Days email series (if you have subscribed, you know what I’m talking about, if not, subscribe soon as I’m already planning my next give away series) and posted the video looking for a bit of support.
Some numpty then posted “wud ya b bothered with that shite in all honesty”

Fortunately she’s made of sterner stuff and put him back in his box. But it does illustrate a sad truth about the society we live in.

Another friend of ours, Rannoch Donald of Simple Strength in Edinburgh once said to me that only 5% of the population do whats is necessary for physical fitness.
In other words if you are willing to do the work, to push yourself, to take the time to maintain a fit, strong, lean physique. To build the mental and physical fortitude to take on anything that comes your way.
If you are one of the 5% then expect people to stare, to make jokes, to point and laugh.

But don’t ever let these people put you off. Their actions are born of jealousy and fear.
Jealously because they know you are better than them.
Fear that if they join the 5% the other sheep will turn on them.

If you push your body, fuel it with good foods and avoid the pitfalls of modern living, then you are above average, be proud of this, enjoy your body and your health.




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