Getting Started

This morning I dropped my little man off for his first day at play school.

It got me thinking, not only is he growing up incredibly fast, but this is a huge new beginning for him. A new start.

And starting aways seems to be the toughest thing for anyone to achieve!
After I write this blog post I’m going to look at my email and I can guarantee right now, before I even look, that there will be a stack of mails from people enquiring as to how they can get started, either joining my classes, taking personal training or taking one of the martial arts classes at our facility.

The majority will never go any further than this initial email.

A few will follow-up with a second mail.

Fewer still will actually turn up.

Once they do turn up though, they usually stay.

Starting out with anything, especially a fitness program or martial art, can be challenging. It is a step into the unknown, feelings of uncertainty and doubt are natural.
The key is in not letting these doubts and fears stop you. The key is in turning this nervous energy into action. The key is in knowing that new experiences are opportunities to learn.

Yes, things can go wrong. You won’t be the best in the group, there will be people more experienced than you, but so what? These people are not there to point and laugh, they are there to show you where you can be in a few weeks, a few months, this time next year.
Just remember that however bad you think you are now, however unfit, uncoordinated, inexperienced you think you are, it doesn’t matter. Starting something new, be it a training program or anything, is not about where you are today, it’s about where you go from today.

So like my little man walking into the play school today with his eyes wide with excitement, take those initial steps towards your goals, once you build momentum it gets easier.

Now, lets see who’s been emailing….




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