“You Are What You Eat…

……….digest, and effectively absorb, minus what you excrete as waste.”

Diet and nutrition are a minefield of misinformation and hocus pocus. So many conflicting arguments about what, when and how much you should or shouldn’t be eating. No wonder so many get it so wrong and end up on stupid TV shows like last weeks “Is my crash diet killing me” or the “Biggest Looser”

But food is part of the problem, absorbing that food is the other part.
I have several friends and family members who have irritable bowels, and I’m constantly hearing of more people like them. It is becoming a wide spread problem.
And if you bowels are irritated, you’ll not absorb the nutrients from your food no matter how much super food you are eating.

So today an article appears on T-Nation that deals with this. It’s fairly in depth but written in a way that everyone should be able to understand it. Please click on the image and go over and have a read, you may just be glad you did:





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