Training Log, 3/2/11

Nice session today, trained with the Intermediate/Advanced group. We had 3 girls made the leap from the beginner sessions to train tonight, fair dues to them, they did well.
Thursday is a much higher paced session, heavier weights, harder drills. Congrats to them.

Here’s how it went, the numbers are my own, not everyone lifts the same…

Warm Up:
Bodyweight Mobility
1 Arm Long cycle x 5 l/r (technique focus)

Work sets:

1 Arm long Cycle x 5 l/r of: 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, 40, 44, 44kg

Front Squats to low box (below parallel):
All doubles: 16’s x 5, 24 x 5, 28 x 5, 32 x 5, 36 x 3

Kettlebell Swing / Burpee Challenge, 32kg bell, 6min 48s


Felt good, feeling good!
Here’s a look at the 1 arm long cycle:



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