Do you “Train” or do you “Workout”?

Got some great feedback today and I’d like to share it.
It’s from a regular member of the Wild Geese studio, someone who has trained other gyms and clubs, both in martial arts and fitness.

She says, “(wild geese training is) well planned and promote constant improvement rather than burning out early.”

She said more than that, but it was this line that I wanted to highlight.
Our training is well planned and promotes constant improvement. The evidence is clear when during this mornings boot camp she locked out a 28kg kettlebell overhead for a single rep each hand. A few months back she struggled to get that with a 20kg bell. She’s also gone from zero to 5 chin ups. Another one of the lads put up the 40kg bell, he’d previously struggled with 36kg.

For many the training style here comes as a surprise. We talk big, we talk about going hard, pushing the mind and body, working to the limit. But when they arrive they are given seemingly easy workouts. They’re not necessarily sore the next day, they aren’t in agony for a week.
We take a long term view of your training, of your strength, stamina and work capacity. We know the best results come from steady consistent work.
Too many gym goers and workout fanatics train merely for the stimulus of training. They gauge their sessions by how hard they were, how sick they felt afterwards or how sore they were the day after. When instead they should be judging it by how much progress they made.

And progress comes in many forms. It may be an extra rep with a weight, it could be more weight, it maybe less rest or it could even be better form.
I’ve a lad who hasn’t changed the weight or the reps he’s using for front squats in nearly 3 weeks now, but each week he squats a little deeper, a little bit more controlled, he’s making progress.

We usually use the term “training” rather than “working out”, they have different connotations, but kind of mean the same thing. We train because we want to get better, whereas people workout because they want to get tired and sweaty.
Who do you think will have made the most progress by this time next year?

Training is a positive thing, we work to improve. Many that workout work to fail. They do sets to failure, they do cardio to exhaustion. They only feel they’ve work out when they are in a heap on the floor. This puts too much stress on the body and mind, injury and burnout are constant companions of the workout crowd. Yet at Wild Geese and other places where training is promoted, people come in week in week out, month after month, making steady consistent progress with only rare occurrences of injury.

Decide today, do you workout or do you train?



  1. The 1 Mile Kettlebell Challenge is fast approaching, we will be kicking of at 12 noon on feb 26th on Sandymount Strand.
    If you can’t make the day you can still sponsor us by following this link:
  2. Boot Camp is already half over, drop us an email asap to book your place on the march Boot Camp before it is completely sold out.
  3. The Next Kettlebell Workshops, Levels 1 & 2 are scheduled for Sunday 20th Feb, drop me a line to let me know you’re coming

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