Incredible display of mental strength

Ever think “Why did I open my big mouth?”

Today was that day.
Today was the day that I was to perform a mile of walking kettlebell swings to raise funds and awareness for the RehabCare Hops centre and Mental Illness.

And what a perfect challenge to sum it up.
I knew that it’d be tough, after all a google search on walking swings revealed that very few people do them and NOBODY has claimed a mile.

I completed the distance in 52 minutes plus change, I’ll have pictures and video footage sorted out for a proper report. But I’ll hold my hand up and say that without the help and support of the people around me I may not have finished, let aone set the time I did.

Starting ahead of me were a 11 of my members split into two teams of 4 and one team of 3. Once the got under way I started my journey. Inhale, step step, inhale step step, inhale step step……..

On one side of me I had Wild Geese co founder, friend and long time training partner Paul Cox, on the other Ireland’s strongest man James Fennelly. Both men great athletes and coaches in their own rights.
The spoke to me, encouraged me and took the piss out of me the whole way. Both admitted later that before the event they didn’t think I’d finish and James himself commented that it may have been the most impressive display or mental strength he’d ever seen.
Big words from a big man, and they mean a lot to me.

But not as much as when the Rehab guys presented me with a plaque, a short piece they had written in one of their creative writing sessions. When it was read out to me, I had to choke back a tear.

We’re now waiting on the sponsor cards coming back in but of course we’re still taking donations online at

Thanks to all who came along to support.

Will post more details in the next day or two.

Till then..



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