Training Log – 15/3/11

Phil, “Is the conditioning class much of a step up from the beginners?”

Mark, “Imagine the worst circuit training you’ve ever done, and then some”

This was a conversation going on as the Kettlebell Beginners group left and the Combat Conditioning group began to set up.
Today’s training log is from that class as I love to train with my guys (all numbers posted are my personal lifts, everyone in the class works to their own level).

Deadlift, 60×3, 60×3, 80×3, 100x3x3, focussed on speed and technique.

The circuit:
Pull Up
Goblet Squat (32kg)
Med Ball push Ups
No Momentum Deck Squats (16kg)
Body Weight Row
Jump Lunges
Clean & Press (35kg sandbag)
Kettlebell Swings (32kg)
Ab wheel roll outs
Static squat with bar balanced on knees.

We did the following:
Round 1, 8 stations, 20 sec/station.
Rounds 2 and 3, 8 stations, 30 sec/station

And every one was done!

If you’re wondering what those exercises look like, and for more circuits of this nature hold on because the WMD eBook will have detailed explanations and photographs of all this and more.



PS – Don’t forget to check out the side bar for upcoming Kettlebell workshops and contact me to guarantee your place.


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