Can you become Brave & Bold?

“It’s not the helmet, it’s the man inside” – Batman, The Brave and the Bold

My little 2 yr old is following in his fathers footsteps and becoming a huge Batman fan.
in doing so we discovered a cartoon series called the Brave and the Bold, it’s excellent, I love watching it with him.

In several episodes batman is heard say to his partner, who ever it may be in that particular episode, “Its not the ______, but the man”
Be it the Green Lantern’s Power Ring, Dr Fate’s Helmet, Blue Beetle’s symbiont, none of it matters to the Bat.
In the Superhero world, Batman is pretty much unique, he has no super powers. Yet all other superhero’s look to him as being the main man.

Take all this and put it into your real life.
Recognise that it doesn’t matter what training program you follow, what equipment you do or don’t use, just as long as you put the effort in.

Do you lift Kettlebells? Do you prefer barbells? Do you follow 5×5, 3×3, Upper/lower splits, full body spilts. Do you do bodyweight workouts at home?

Who cares? The style of training doesn’t matter, it’s the person doing it.

Batman has no super powers, he relies on his intellect and physicality to get the job done. He’ll outsmart you, then he’ll beat the crap out of you. The only way he is able to do this is my applying his indomitable will.
It is his will power that allows him to develop and maintain his strength and athleticism, it is his will power that allows him develop his mental focus and drive and it is his will power that beats his opponents long before he gets his hands on them.

Follow in his example.

Realise that it is not the training program, it is not the equipment you use, it is you that matters.

Take control, there are no excuses.




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