Blu Tack, Fuzz and fluid movement

Static stretching has it’ place but it’s something that we rarely use at Wild Geese. Instead we prefer mobility work, or dynamic range of motion (DROM) work.

DROM is active, it is moving, so it is constantly stimulating, pumping and lubricating the all important facial network that essentially hold us together, much the same way a hessian sack holds your spuds in place.

This video demonstrates this effect with the aid of some blu tack, which when cold is stiff and brittle, but after just a few seconds kneading and warming through it becomes elastic and stretchy. Your fascia acts in much the same manner.

This next clip is an awesome presentation from a guy called Gil Hedly, it’s called the Fuzz Speech and in it he shows you the actual dried out collegen that your facial network is made from, in a cadaver it is dry and matted, much like fuzz. Enjoy this presentation, he’s an animated speaker:




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