Question for you….

I would like you guys to help me out and answer a question for me.

It’s to do with the content provided on this blog.
I enjoy writing, often it’s a release for me, sometimes it helps me get my own thoughts in line and occasionally it just me getting stuff off my chest. To be honest, I write for myself and if you enjoy reading it, then that’s a huge bonus.
But in the last week or two I posted a few video blogs. There were presentations on mobility and stretching that were more video oriented then my usual writing.

So the question is…..

Would you guys like more video presentations or do you prefer to read the info?



PS No 1: Steve Cotter will be at Wild Geese on the 16th and 17th July – Do not miss this opportunity to further your Bodyweight and kettlebell training knowledge.

PS No 2: The next Boot Camp commences 27th June, it is filling fast. Book a place ASAP or sooner.

PS No 3: Child number two is proving to be a real Hedges, a stubborn git that’ll only do things on his own terms. In other words, he’s still not born, so please keep an eye on the twitter and facebook feeds in the sidebar just in case I have to cancel any training session at the last minute.

One thought on “Question for you….

  1. Can we be greedy and choose both?I enjoy hearing what you thought of peoples determination and hearing what other people had to say to you,they can be kinda encouraging or inspirational(I particularly enjoyed the Batman one;)

    But having the videos is dead handy,especially when work is takin over and I cant make it to class so often,so I’m still learning at home and able to follow techniques!

    So yeah…both.

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