“I’m going on a Healthy Eating Course”

I overheard someone say this today.

At first there’s nothing wrong with the statement. Then as I mulled it over the ridiculousness of it started to dawn on me.
I’ll give you a moment, see if you get it.









In case you didn’t, here’s my thought process:

  1. Healthy eating course, ok, they want to improve their health.
  2. Hang on a sec….Why do you need a course, it’s not as if healthy eating is complicated! 
  3. If a food grows out of the ground, or it eats (or would have eaten) something that grows out of the ground, then it’s healthy.
  4. If a food has only a single ingredient, then it’s probably healthy.
  5. What more is there to know, other than learning a few recipes, isn’t that what Mum’s and Grannies are for? 
Now learning about nutrition is  different story, that’s science, that’s talking about macro nutrients, micro nutrients and a whole lot besides. I myself am waiting to hear back on a nutrition course I applied for. But healthy eating, c’mon, Grill yourself a Steak, throw it on top of a plate of mixed salad and chuck a small portion of spuds on the side and you’re good.
It’s not complicated.
If it was, our species would never have survived!

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