10 days to Cotter

We’re now only ten days out from Steve Cotter’s next visit to Wild Geese.

This time it’s serious as it’ll be not just the CKT 1, which we’ve run here before, also the CKT 2 which will be a whole new level.

I am nervous and excited at the same time. I know Steves high expectations, those he sets for himself and which he expects to see reflected in his course participants. His standards are high, he leads by example and he requires all who learn from him to express the same level of commitment.

Each time he’s visited it’s been a new experience. His knowledge and ability to pass on this knowledge has gone up. His patience with questions and his ability to answer them in depth gets better and better (maybe it’s just he understands our accents better…).
His last visit skyrocketed my Kettlebell Sport performance with just a few simple technique tweaks.
It’s his teaching that helped create the training that lead my guys to success in Wexford last weekend (see the last post featuring Phil’s GS sets)

I’m going to link you now to a friends site over in Edinburgh. Rannoch conducted this interview with Steve a while ago and to be fair it’s about the best interview around with the man. Have a look here:

Click here for an interview with Steve Cotter

Click here for an interview with Steve Cotter

See you in 10 days




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