Power Striking and Lessons from a Top Coach

I don’t really have a post for you today, I spent the weekend getting back to my martial arts roots by hosting a 2 day workshop with Core Combatives founder, Mick Coup.

I’ve written a brief review of the course over on the Wild Geese Martial Arts blog, of you click the image below you can read it:

I will however be sitting down later to write a piece based on the discussions Mick and myself had about conditioning training for fighters.
Mick studies athletes, in particular throwers, in order to improve his striking ability. He finds this more beneficial than studying martial arts as an athlete is only concerned with their performance on the day of competition, everything they do is designed around this one thought.
Their loyalty is to the goal, not a Coach / style / system / method.

This thinking allows for more objective thinking rather than the very subjective thinking of those who’s loyalties lie in a certain style or with a particular piece of kit.
That’ll be up tomorrow, all going well.

Until then, get over to the WGMA blog and have a look.




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