Cutting out a Service, Cloning and Keeping the Passion


Ok, this week has been mental and it’s only half way through. Last week was 6 days of mentalness, and it’s only going to get busier.

So, unless I do either:

  1. Clone myself
  2. Spend longer hours working

Something will have to give.

One thing I will not sacrifice is the already limited time I spend with my Wife, Boys and Dog. And I don’t think cloning is a real option yet.

So I am going to wrap up the Online Training Service. It is time consuming and I find remote training to be pretty unrewarding in all honesty. I’m a hands on coach, a face to face guy and I believe in doing what I’m passionate about, not just what makes a quick buck.
So if you want to train with me you need to either:

  1. Come to one of my scheduled services
  2. Come to a workshop
  3. Hire me to come to you

I will still write programs for members of Wild Geese Martial Arts even if I don’t coach them directly, but at least I will see them through the week and be able to check in with them face to face.

But what about the rest of you?

Here’s the plan.

I’m going to take all the most popular/successful programs that I’ve used with my guys and turn them into downloadable files.
Bear in mind that no two people EVER get the same program at WG-Fit, because no two people are the same. But that doesn’t mean that the basic principles that underlie a program won’t work, they just require some level of personalisation for each individual.

Anyone who purchases a program will be welcome to ask questions on tailoring the program or what to do once the program is finished or their goals change. This is lead to the creation of a Q&A database that will build over time and also hopefully lead to some great discussions on the Facebook Page.
All in all, it’ll still be a win-win scenario.

One more thing.
benbrunoHave you checked out a guy named Ben Bruno?
He’s a strength coach based in the legendary Mike Boyle’s gym. Ben is the go to reference for all things single leg training, and a lot more.
On his own website he runs a regular feature titled “50 Great Reads” where he links to 50 recent blog posts from some of the top names in the Strength & Conditioning industry.
In his latest issue, he featured one of my posts.

To find out which one, CLICK HERE.




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