Improve Recovery Time with this Simple Breathing Technique

In the last post we learned how to breath properly.

crisfieldsToday we’ll learn to breathe for recovery.

You know that feeling when you’ve lifted a little too much for too many reps in too little time?
When you’ve just done sparring with for 5 minutes straight with fresh opponents?

You know, your heart is trying to punch it’s way out through your ribs
Your legs are wobbling underneath you
The room is closing in around you and your panting for dear life

But you have another round, another set to go. You aint finished.

How do you get back to a form where you are once again able to continue?

You breathe.

You get the oxygen in, you repay that oxygen debt. in doing so you slow down the heart rate, move away from that panic attack mind set and refocus the mind.

But how?

By exhaling as aggressively as you dare.

Powerful exhalations are the key.
We have a system in the body known as the Tonic Breath Reflex. basically when the lungs empty, especially if they are emptied forcefully, this triggers a reflex to inhale.
And like all reflexive actions it is stronger and faster than a conscious action.
End result, you inhale deeper.

Be sure to exhale from the belly, don’t attempt to inhale, that’ll happen, just get your next out-breath lined up.

Very quickly this will bring the breath back down and the heart rate with it. Your head will clear and the working muscles will start to refuel.

Yes you may get some funny looks around the gym, but if you train with any of the methods I teach, you ought to be well used to that by now. What will perturb the other gym goes more is the rate at which you recover from your suicidally intense training.
While they’re panting away, you’ll already be attacking your next set with the same vigour you did the first set.

Have look at this video clip from a few years ago as I use the breath in between rounds of an On The Minute Every Minute workout:

In the clip I’ve very limited time to recover, if you have more time I strongly suggest standing up, stamping the feet, bouncing gently up and down and shaking the arms about. As mad as this sounds, it actually helps calm the nervous system and speeds recovery even faster.

Don’t just take my word for it.

Try it.




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