Self Defence and other workshops

Ok, so I had planned a nice motivational blog post for today featuring a video clip that Anders, a member of our Kettleheads GS Team, had put together with footage from the recent Kettlebell competition.

The progress bar has sat at “1 minute remaining” for close to 30 minutes, so I’m going to make you wait for that post until Friday.
Actually, a motivational post on a Friday may not be worthwhile….

So on Monday, when you need it the most, I’ll give you an upbeat post featuring the guys lifting kettles to upbeat music…

Until then, here’s some blatant self promotion.

There are two workshops on the immediate horizon:

Self Defence Training Weekend

Sunday 5th May: Basic Self Defence Skills
– Environmental Awareness
– Situational Awareness
– Avoid/Evade/Confront Continuum
– Fundamental Body Mechanics for Power Genration
– The Three Fundamental Arm/Hand Strikes
– Wedge Defence

Monday 6th May: Rapid Response Knife Defence
– Flinch Response
– Blocking, Parrying, Passing &Trapping Skills
– “Safe” position
– Counter Offensive techniques from safe position
– Simultaneous Cover & Counter

Both days run from 10am to 4pm and will cost €50 for the day or €70 if you do both.
The workshops are designed to give you the tools to arm yourself, you won’t leave the workshop being able to take on all comers, but you will have the knowledge to continue training and increasing your chances of  walking away from a violent situation or better yet, avoiding it altogether.
These are not “martial arts” workshops, these are no fluff, practical skills that don’t require 10 years and a black belt to pull off.
If you’re up for it, there are a few places remaining for each day, drop me a line to book your place.


Monday 3rd June : Kettlebell / Bodyweight Training Workshop

My friend Kieran Dolan down at Dolan Fitness in Tullamore has invited me back to teach at his gym.
This time around we’ll be looking at developing athleticism and conditioning using bodyweight and kettlebell lifts.
We will look at:

  • Fundamental movement patterns
  • Training movements instead of muscles
  • Developing a powerful core
  • Developing Strength Endurance
  • Reducing Recovery Time
  • Mobility and Agility
  • More if we have time…

The workshop will be open to all. While the emphasis will be on athleticism, everyone involved in fitness and training will benefit.

Cost for the day will be €50 per person.
Contact myself of Kieran for booking details and further information.






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