A Fast and Effective Warm Up

Predator__1Right, I’m going to keep this short as the original Predator movie is on TV.
And you can’t beat a bit of Arnie!

Anyhow, I do want to talk about the subject of Warming Up.

A good few of my guys play on amateur sports. Their warm ups usually consist of a few laps of the field followed by a few static stretches, they then move onto skills.
Well, judging by the injury rate amongst these guys, at least prior to coming to me for training, it is simply not good enough.

A good warm up isn’t just about breaking a sweat, although that is part of it. It is also about getting the nervous system firing, lubricating the joints, ensuring we have full range of motion and activating any problematic muscles especially the rotator cuff and glutes.

Sounds like a lot.

But it needn’t take long if you have a plan in place. And this is exactly where most fail, there’s no plan and no routine.

Personally I encourage my competitive athletes to develop a standardised warm up, this then becomes a tool for switching into performance mode, I think the NLP guys call it a “Trigger”
In the video below I demonstrate one such routine, it’s the current warm up for my Lunchtime Athletes, the guys who only have a tight window of opportunity to get their training done before having to get back to their jobs. The sequence has been carefully put together for maximum efficiency in minimal time, it takes under 9minutes and will raise a sweat and get you firing ready to work.

Here’s the clip:

This can be adopted for your gym sessions or as many of my guys have done and now use prior to Martial Arts, Rugby or GAA training.



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