Monday Mobility – Plantar Fascia and why kicking is plan B

Hi Wild Geese!

It’s Monday again, hope you had a cracking weekend!
I spent a good deal of mine down in Tramore Kettlebell Fitness teaching this months workshop which was the Rapid Response course.
It went down very well, every one seemed to enjoy and the comments up on facebook last night were along the lines of:

“Eye opening” and “I can no longer use my arms!”

So I think I can count them as positive.

Here’s a short clip of my demonstrating why I don’t teach kicking as part of the course and focus squarely on hand strikes:


The guy with me has great legs, trained in Muay Thai as well as having a background in Ballet. Think along the lines of Van Damme.
Yet as you can see, when he was trying to control my knife hand, he had NO opportunity to land an effective strike with the leg.

Anyhow, back to Monday Mobility and we have a bot of Self Myofacial Release for you.

Foam rolling is nothing new, we are all doing it (aren’t we?) but here’s a great one to do with a ball.
I have many of my guys do this first thing, all report back near instant benefit for their entire lower body from the hip down.

Try it and see for yourself:

I recommend you try a toe touch, then roll out only one foot before retesting the toe touch, see if you notice any difference between the two legs on the second go.



Workshops for 2013:

Bodyweight Training
Wild Geese, Dublin
Sun 18th August, 1000 – 1600

Kettlebell Training – The Basics (Levels 1 & 2)
Wild Geese, Dublin
September 8th, 1000 – 1600
This workshop is a prerequsite for those attending:

Kettlebell Instructor Certification (yes, the inaugral certification!)
September/October. Details TBA

One more workshop to be added in November and possibly one in December (I’m thinking a two day self defence course in December due to the seasonal increase in alcohol related violence.)

And that’s it!

If you want me to come to your place to run an event, you can book me for Nov/Dec or it’s a wait till next year.


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