Certifications and Monday Mobility

One of my wandering members emailed me the other day asking why I’d postponed my Kettlebell Instructor Cert which was supposed to have been run this month.
I explained how I simply wasn’t happy with the way it ran in the trial and needed a lot of reformatting.
You see, I’d decided on a timeline (1 weekend) and then written the course to fit it. It didn’t fit, it was several hours longer than a respectable weekend course should run. So I binned it. I’m now drafting out the course that it should be, then I’ll workout how long it will run for. I’ve a feeling it’ll be 2 – 3 weekends.

Then today on Facebook I read this:

Fitness certifications should be a “win-win” transaction, not just a revenue stream for those selling the certification (and recertifications)

Focus on learning from the few fitness “masters” not the “wannabes” who saturate the internet, grow in your inbox like a toe fungus and sell certifications without the expertise and experience to do so.

BTW, “masters”, besides being brilliant, are extremely humble and only claim to be “students” who share what they’ve learned up to this point with the expectation of learning more from others who earned their respect even if they have to revise their current beliefs and move forward with a better understanding. Its called growth.

The fitness instructors should be grounded by the first tenet of training and coaching, “Do No Harm”, followed closely by the realization that the first answer to any fitness/diet question is, “It Depends”.

If you are presented with a doctrine that claims to be the “best” and only approach to training that you’ll ever need and/or do not allow for individual needs (one size fits all), nod politely, don’t argue and just walk away. Their egos are trapped in defending their beliefs and there is no room for growth and their clients are likely to be injured trying to live up to their artificial standards.

To “win” in the certification game, learn from the very best and remember that what you are currently learning is just a stepping stone in your personal growth to becoming a true fitness professional and perhaps someday, even a “master“.” – Rick Huse (www.rickhusefitness.com, especially read THIS post)

Isn’t that a perfect summation of what we need in the fitness industry?

A bit of humility and integrity from those who place themselves in the roll of educator.

In another conversation with a guy who knows about marketing fitness products, I was asking about whether or not to take all the mobility exercises I’ve been putting out (and will continue to put out) onto a DVD for sale.
His reply was along the lines of “YES, if you have a system, you should market the shit out of it!”  [NOTE: that was heavily paraphrased!]

This also got me thinking about the instructor program and the way in which I will instruct it.
I don’t have a system. I do have a core set of principles, but that’s it.

Why don’t I have a system?

Well, that’s simple, I don’t have a singular type of client. On any given day I work with:
GAA Players
Rugby Players
BJJ Competitors
Muay Thai fighters
Kettlebell Sports Athletes
and general fitness enthusiasts

What system would fit all those?

The mobility needs of a 49yr old adventure racer are very different to a Judo player in his 20’s recovering from knee surgery.
The strength and conditioning requirements of an Ironman Triathlete looking to hit a PR and a mum of two trying to lose a few inches are very different.

So how can any one system cover all bases?

Sure even in my group sessions and standard format classes I give variations to certain individuals that need them.

Does the “Hard Style” swing suit this persons needs better than that person? Yes!
Does this person need to snatch or is it too technical or hard on the shoulder for their current needs?
Does this person need to stretch their hamstrings or is the tightness caused by a problem elsewhere?

Many coaches simply teach people in the manner they train themselves. But even then we run into problems, I mean my own training is very limited right now and is built around my personal injuries, my personal training wants and a little experimentation.
Does that sound like the right fit for you?

So here’s where I’m headed right now:

This website is being rebuilt with a members area that you can opt into. In the members area you will find:

A library of mobility drills
A library of kettlebell drills
A library of bodyweight drills
A library of barbell drills
A library of training programs.

This website will remove the need for DVD’s as everything will be hosted right here in an interactive environment.

As for the Instructor Program, that’s due for testing again early next year. But as soon as it’s open you’ll be notified. We’ll also have an area on the website for all who take it and pass.

Next week I’ll be back with another Monday Mobility drill, but today I’ll hand over to the “Supple Leopard” himself, Kelly Starrett:


Dave Hedges

For details of upcoming Workshopsplease click HERE


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