Flexibility, Pole Dancing, Awesome Shirts and Mental Health

Lisette Krol

Lisette Krol

Hello Wild Geese!

First of all I must apologise for the lack of blogging that’s being going on here. I’ll have you know that I’ve not been sat idle as I’m working on a couple of projects in the background, which is taking time away from here.

That said, I’m getting on top of everything again and I hope to return to regular blog writing next week.

Yes, next week. Why? Well this weekend I am on Anatomy In Motion’s Finding Centre course, module one. After I’ve let that sink though my rather dense cranium, I’ll blog something about it. I am fairly confident that that post will include several uses of the word “awesome”

Now, why have we got a picture of a pole dancer?

The delectable young lady in the photo demonstrating an incredible degree of core strength and hip mobility is called Lisette Krol, owner and instructor at Tribe Fitness Dance Studio in Dublin. Lisette is a world champion dancer who knows a thing or two about being flexible and strong. 

She has also agreed to come to Wild Geese to teach a 2 hour workshop on stretching and flexibility.

Stretching is a polarising topic in the Strength & Conditioning world, but as I started as a martial artist and train a stack of martial artists, it’s a topic that I feel is under appreciated. Now, in the martial arts there is a shed load of dogma and myth that is taught, so we’re looking outside the box and bringing in a professional dancer to set the record straight.

At the time of writing 12 of the twenty places are already sold. So if you want a spot, you better get in touch fast as this is the first “official” announcement of the event.

The workshop will be on Sat Feb 15th, 10am till around 12noon and costs €25.


New T-Shirts!!!!

New WG-Fit T-Shirts

New WG-Fit T-Shirts

Check these out, Wild Geese “Mind Over Metal” T-Shirts!

Simply wearing one of these will increase your awesomeness quotient by a minimum of 27.35%, FACT, we did the science!

Now, here’s the cool bit….

For a mere €20 (+p&p) you get a kick arse shirt (remember the science bit), of that €20, a fiver will be given to the RehabCare HOPS centre for Mental Health.
I’ve worked with the guys from HOPS for the last few years and have gained the greatest of respect for the battles they face on a daily basis. How some of these guys get out of bed in the morning astounds me, yet week in, week out they drop into me for a workout.

Now you can help them too by buying a T-Shirt.
Represent Wild Geese with our message of physical culture and also represent Mental Health.

I’m taking a preorder now, stick your details in the form below and I’ll send you a paypal invoice for your order


Thats all for now, get in touch regarding your place on the workshop and to order your T-Shirt.

Chat later


Dave Hedges



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