Flexibility, Kettlebells & ADD

Today’s post is less a single informative piece and more of a brain fart. I realise that my blogging has been a bit sub par of late but I’m seeing the light at the end of a couple of projects and I’ll be able to put my focus back here.

So here’s a random selection from inside my cranium:

Stretching & Flexibility Workshop – Feb 15, 1000 – 1200

Professional Pole Dancing World Doubles Champion, Lisette Krohl is coming to us on Feb 15 to teach us about stretching & flexibility training.
Why are we doing this?

Stretching and flexibility training is getting a lot of bad press in the Strength & Conditioning Research over the last while, but thousands of years of Yoga and Martial Arts tells us a different story. Stretching can and will increase your range of motion if correctly and intelligently applied. The problem is, too many of us have been brought up with out of date and incomplete information on the topic. Most martial artists follow a dogmatic approach which is unbalanced.

If you watch the video below which shows Lisette and her partner’s winning performance over the weekend, you’ll see how they obviously know a thing or two about developing flexibility, but also being strong in extreme ranges of motion.

Now the bad news:
The workshop is sold out and has a waiting list.

The good news:
We’ll be organising more workshops with Lisette in the near future, keep your eyes peeled for updates.

Kettlebells & Bodyweight Training Workshop

Martial Arts inspired training methods for building genuine strength & power, not just "gym strength"

Martial Arts inspired training methods for building genuine strength & power, not just “gym strength”

I’ll be opening my doors on Sunday 9th March to teach a 1 day workshop on my two favorite training tools, bodyweight and kettlebells.
I’ve run this a couple of times around the country, always with different content as the audience has been different, but so far it’s been extremely well received.

Over the day we will look at how we combine the two complimentary modalities to develop speed, power, agility and conditioning. All things every athlete should aspire to develop.
We take a look at lesser known variations on common exercises, flowing through complexes and circuits.
We may even go through my list of over 20 Burpee variations!

This is a hands on, action filled day. Ideally all participants will have some basic experience with kettles and basic bodyweight drills, but it’s not essential. One thing to note, I will not enter the arguments between styles of lifting, they’re all good in my eyes, I’ll just help you enhance whatever system you already use.

Here’s what Gan Power, owner and coach at Tramore Tactical Fitness had to say:triple windmill

“Been using bells for many years . I’m coach and teaching people how to use bells . Today I was student. 
This workshop was top class, exercises demonstrated and broken down in great detail from one of the best guys in the business. I have gathered a collection of new exercises to add to my training and to my students. It rekindled a passion for the kettlebell and how much more you can do having been training kettlebell sport the last few years! Cheers Bro” 

Booking details for the event are HERE
There’s a limit of 20 places, so get your name down early!

Progress, Goals and ADD

I often get asked about how to pick what to do when there is so much to do in the world of physical culture.
I mean, should I pursue a double bodyweight deadlift, do 200 snatches in 10 minutes, do handstand push ups, become a pull up meastro or learn about clubbells, animal movements, run barefoot, run a marathon, do Tough Mudder, enter the crossfit games, try olympic lifting, master calisthenics………and on, and on, and on

So what, where how and why?
It seems every time you open your facebook page, your favorite coaches are all suggesting you do this, no this, but what about this?!?!
How do you decide?
What if you can’t?

We’ve all been there, it’s hard but not impossible to navigate the fitness world, it just depends on what you want out of your training.
If you are participating in a sport of some kind, then your answers are easy. Simply figure out what you need to improve to improve at your sport and figure out what gym work will help that.
In fact, I’m putting the finishing touches to a piece I wrote for the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu crowd, answering their needs (shameless plug I know!) that’ll be out very soon.

But if you don’t have a sport and simply train, then the question isn’t so clear cut.
But here’s what I consider to be the best compromise.

You have anything from 20 minutes to over an hour in which you can get your training done. This will be the most limiting factor. However the overall layout of your training will remain the same.
The first thing you must do is warm up.
In your warm up hit the most important things, eg if your ankle mobility sucks, work on it in your warm up. Need to open up the hips? Do it every warm up
Got a bum shoulder? Address it during the warm up.
Working upper body today? Prioritise the spine & shoulders.

Next comes the specific warm up or skill segment. If you’re wanting to get a front lever, practice it now. Want to master the pistol squat? Practice it now. Kettlebell snatch technique a little ropey? Practice it now.
The cool flip you saw on youtube? Practice it now.
Notice the deliberate use of the word PRACTICE. Don’t train these, don’t push, just do. Have fun, work up a sweat but don;t leave yourself exhausted. If technical performance drops off in any way, time to end the practice session.

Next comes training.
What’s your big priority? What do you need to develop the most? For most it’s strength, do this now. 1-3 big lifts, the bigger the better. Not sure what lift to do? Do either a Squat or a Deadlift with either a Bench or Overhead press and thats it.
Go big, go heavy but go safe.

Still got time?
Do conditioning, a short sharp section to get the heart pumping.
Mix lower level versions of whatever you did in practice with something like skipping or calisthenics. If you did deadlifts earlier, do kettlebell snatch now. If you did handstands in practice, do push ups, boat  holds, crawling & rolling.

Still not quelling your ADD?
Keep a journal, note everything you do in training and be sure to stick to it for a number of weeks or until X amount of progress is made, only then can you switch.
Have a page in the journal where you note down all the shit you want to do, make up a rating system where high priority stuff gets a 5 star rating  and low priority gets 1 star. Write in pencil so you can erase things and change them as you change your mind.
When you tick of one 5 star goal, move to the next one, then the next. Don’t rub out the ones you complete, just drop them down to 1 star and bump other up to 2 or 3 stars.

Time is short, we can only do so much in the gym while still being functional human beings in the outside world, so prioritising your training can be important if you want tangible results. If you just want to get a sweat going, then just do whatever, whenever.

Thats it for today, if any of that makes sense, hit the share buttons below and if you are interested in the workshops, get in touch.


Dave Hedges

March 9th – Kettlebell & Bodyweight workshop – CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

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