What are you training for?

I was browsing through facebook the other evening when I came across a post from a very inspirational facebook buddy of mine, Mr Wolfgang Brolley.
I’ve mentioned him on this blog a few times and his is the last entry in the Motivation pdf (which you can download from the side bar —->)

Wolf posted that during one of his open air workouts in the park a woman asked him “What is it you are training for?”
A valid question, but that’s not the good part, it was Wolf’s answer that stunned her into silence. He simply responded with a single word, “Life.”

So I ask you, what is it you are training for?

There’s a group of people I train who train for the ability to enjoy and experience life. These are the guys who attend the HOPS centre for Mental Health and come into me a few days a week for fitness and martial arts training.
As a coach I’ve noticed significant changes in their mind sets over the last few years, but nothing compared to what the service manager, Nessa, reports to me. Physical training has been one of the most effective “therapies” that these guys have ever had.

This is why I’ve launched the new Mind Over Metal T-Shirts with a separate logo to the usual WG-Fit kettlebell.
Each T-Shirt bought will put €5 in the coffers at the HOPS centre which will hopefully help the guys there have an ever greater experience of this thing we call life. If you click here you’ll be taken to the order form: http://bit.ly/1kS0Bx7

Too many take our physical and mental health for granted, most don’t even realise we have it until it’s gone. It’s when someone as eloquent and direct as my friend Wolfgang sums it up in a single word or expands on it in a few paragraphs that we take stock.
Here’s those few paragraphs:

“I can start by saying that a fair amount of what keeps me going is the phrase, “glide ratio”. I’m
guessing that it was roughly 10 years ago that I was treating a recently retired long-haul pilot.
Despite just having come back from Asia myself, I jokingly told him that I didn’t believe in
“Think about it: you fill a giant cigar tube full of people, throw it 40,000ft up in the air and it lands
on the other side of this planet in someone’s driveway – AND you know which driveway it is!”
He chuckled and proceeded to tell me the many ways that 747s were remarkably airworthy, “you
know they have a glide ratio of 8:1,” he told me. His point was that a fully loaded plane (with all its
engines cut) could glide eight miles for every mile it dropped.
Suddenly I had the image, the phrase that I could use to succinctly describe why I worked out as
maniacally hard as I did and do.
The fact is that we are all going down. Eventually, we lose all our engines – my job is to keep
maximum elevation going. No matter what my personal glide ratio might be, the higher I can keep
my plane flying, the longer the ride.” – Wolfgang Brolley, www.StretchPT.com

Once again, here the link to the T-Shirt order form: http://bit.ly/1kS0Bx7


Dave Hedges


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