Improving Efficiency and Eliminating Pain

Hi All,

If you’ve ordered yourself a Mind Over Metal T-Shirt, they arrived in last week but as I was away on a course, I’ve not had chance to get to the post office and send out the ones that can’t be collected.
I’ll be getting on top of this tomorrow, I’ve shirts to send to the four corners of Ireland and even one that’s going out to Canada.

If you haven’t ordered your yet, get on it here:

Click here to get your T-Shirt and give €5 to Mental Health

Click here to get your T-Shirt and give €5 to Mental Health

Now, where was I all week?

I was with a guy called Gary Ward, the creator of the Anatomy in Motion (AiM)  method of physical/movement therapy.
AiM is kind of hard to define, but it fits perfectly with the tag line I use on this website:

“Improving Human Efficiency”

I first heard of AiM when a very smart Physiotherapist friend of mine told me about them and that I ought to look into it. I did and very quickly became an avid reader of their material.

Their philosophy seems to be that the body can heal itself if it’s allowed and encouraged. Something I firmly believe in.
It also revolves around studying the foot and how the health, strength and mobility of the foot affects every joint up the chain.
Anyone who knows me knows I think the Hips and Feet are crucial for athletic performance. Everyone goes on about the hips, but Gary Ward is the first person I’ve come across who really gets the foot.

And he really gets it.

Already after only studying the first two of his 5 module syllabus, my clients are reporting that their old injuries are falling away, their step is springy and their joints are loose.

All from following a few simple exercises that are designed to realign the skeleton and encourage proper muscle function, timing and coordination. The exercises are based on exaggerating specific phases of the gait pattern. Gait, or walking is hard wired into us as human beings, it’s one of the most primal of the primal movement patterns. In fact our foot and pelvis are unique in the animal kingdom to allow us to become the only truly upright biped and able to travel for huge distances.

If we are working at optimising this deep rooted pattern, the effect it has through everything else we do is phenomenal.

Now I just read all that back and it sounds a bit hypey I know.
But after the course where all the attendees were basically treating each other, my own injuries have never felt so good. But still, that tells you nothing.

I’ve been testing the Module 1 info on some of my regulars who’ve all reported improvements. And also Paul Cox who runs the martial arts side of Wild Geese.
Paul’s hip is destroyed with arthritis, I saw the MRI scan he had taken a couple of years ago and it looks like it was designed by Slartibartfast

"Look at me - I design coastlines. I got an award for Norway... I've been doing fjords all my life...for a fleeting moment they become fashionable and I get a major award." — Slartibartfast, Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy

“Look at me – I design coastlines. I got an award for Norway… I’ve been doing fjords all my life…for a fleeting moment they become fashionable and I get a major award.” — Slartibartfast, Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy

Well, after one session Paul managed to get an entire night of undisturbed sleep, first time in years!

I’m not taking credit for this, but the only thing he changed was the addition of the AiM exercises created specific to his needs.

After module two I took one of my girls who has had knee problems on and off since her teens. The result of an old ankle injury.
She’s currently building up the volume on her running in preparation for running three marathons on three consecutive weekends.
Last time she escalated her running, her knee swelled like a balloon.
Since giving her one session with the module two AiM info, she running faster and smoother than ever. The nagging knee pain has completely dissipated and she sent me the following text message:

“feeling more grounded and stable when I walk. Normally I have this rushing posture, leaning forward on my toes. Now I’m using my whole foot and feeling more relaxed. Also much less of a twist side to side of the hips when I jog/walk, something I especially noticed walking down stairs.
Thanks again!”

I’ll be testing the system out more over the coming weeks with my regulars, many of whom are beaten up by a lifetime of hard playing. So expect further reports popping up here.

I’m also now offering this as a service.

The initial AiM appointment will need 90 minutes, if further sessions are needed they may not take as long, but still allow a minimum of an hour.
If this sounds interesting to you, go HERE to book yourself in.


Dave Hedges


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