1 Leg Romanian Deadlift with an important regression

I like single leg work.

I think I got into it as I’ve always lived in out of the way places, at least until I landed in Dublin. Out of the way places, means limitations on training facilities.
Even in Dublin, we keep our place minimalistic. We do specialise in Martial Arts so floor space is a premium for, we can’t be cluttering the place up with stacks of equipment.

So Kettlebells and Bodyweight training fits my personal ethos as well as my Gym’s ethos extremely well.

The problem then is getting a good load into the posterior chain in a hip hinge pattern.

Kettles are all about the posterior chain, but in a very ballistic pattern, load and explode.
This is fine, but sometimes we want time under tension, we want controlled tension we may even need to hypertrophy the hamstrings. One thing we definitely need is to improve how the Hamstrings, Glutes and low back work together as a team.
And for that we need the deadlift.

But kettles are light.

No really, they are.

A pair of 40kg kettles may look big and intimidating, but really that’s only the same as a barbell loaded with 2 x 20’s and 2 x 10kg plates. So not much then.

Unless we do the lift standing on one leg….

But then another issue pops up.

Most people are so unstable and out of touch with how their supposed to move from being paid vast sums of money to sit at a desk all day. As soon as we get people to hinge, they try to do it all with their back. And that aint good.
Get them out of that and into a decent hip hinge and we’re usually ok. But sooner or later we want them on one leg, and that’s a big leap forward. A jump that they feel right into their lumbar.
So we have a stepping stone, a half way house.

We take a split stance and instead of doing a 1 Leg RDL, we do a 1 Leg Emphasis RDL.

This allows the person to get a stack of load into their hamstrings and glutes but with enough stability they can keep their back in good shape. When they get used to this, which often times doesn’t take long at all, they can start lifting the back leg and get into the full lift.

This video explains it all for you:

I’m on the final approach now of getting the new eBook, “Fighting Back – How to Reduce Back Pain and Improve your BJJ Game” ready for launch.
Just a few bits to get dialled in and it’ll be ready to go.

As a teaser, check out the incredible cover that my layout dude and graphic designer put together for me:

Almost there!

Almost there!


Dave Hedges



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