42km Down, 1058 To Go, Maria is Up & Running

Right guys and girls, let me tell you a story.

marialimerickI have a woman trains with me on a regular basis, someone who’s presence on the training floor always makes everyone else stand up and be counted.

She deadlifts 100kg
She swings a pair of 36kg bells
She does pull ups in double figures
She captains the Kettleheads Girevoy Sport Team
She holds black belts in Kyokushin Karate
The list goes on

And is now in France where she just completed part one of her next big challenge.

Lets talk about the challenge.

Arrive in Paris and run the Paris Marathon, from there cycle to London to run the London marathon the following weekend. From London it’s another cycle trip, this time across the width of England and Wales to catch the ferry to Dublin, where she’ll finish by running a Half Marathon in the Phoenix Park.

So over three consecutive weekends she’ll have run two full marathons and one half marathon, each in a different country, travelling only by bicycle (yes, and ferry!)

And the whole thing is a solo effort, she is completely unsupported. No follow car, no film crew, no one cycling beside her.

It’s an 1100km solo effort powered by only by her own two legs and indomitable will.

So why is Maria doing this?

Simple, she’s taking sponsorship to raise funds for two charities that she supports, Pieta House and the Laura Lynn Childrens Hospice.

She’s collecting money through her MyCharity.ie page  <—–that’s a link people, click it!

If you train at WG-Fit, you’ve met Maria, you’ve seen her train and I’m sure you’ve had her come and support you on the gym floor.
Now it’s her turn, she needs you to support her by donating.

In case you missed it earlier, here’s another link t the donation page:


Here’s some links to the charities she’s supporting:

Pieta House – The Centre for the Prevention of Self-Harm or Suicide – http://www.pieta.ie
Laura Lynn Childrens Hospital – http://www.lauralynn.ie


And those swings I mentioned, check this out:




Dave Hedges




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