I’m Back, and Gearing up for………

Wow, what a week!

If you hadn’t noticed, I’ve been away.

It was my annual summer holiday. Well, I say annual, it’s the second year in a row, so I guess that counts right?
Truth be told, I’m a bit of a workaholic, something my wife constantly chastises me about, so last year I doubled my holiday allowance, being self employed, I had a hard time clearing that with the boss. But instead of just taking a week at Xmas, I also took a week in the summer.

The family and I visited Donegal where my wife spent most of her childhood holidaying.
Now she’s bringing her kids there for their holidays.
It’s great, a whole week with my missus, the two brats and the dog in a part of the world that has shitty mobile phone signals and shittier WiFi coverage but has stunning beaches and gorgeous mountains.

And I’d rather be on a mountainside with the kids and dog looking over the ocean than sat staring at computer screen.

But I’m back.

Today is my first day back in the gym, back to my regular job of shouting at people for a living.

And a return to the blog.

Today’s blog is really a heads up.

In a few weeks I’ll be running the inaugural “Becoming a Better Cyclist” workshop.
An event that I was asked to create as several of my regulars either ride or have friends who ride.


I myself have never ridden competitively, unless you count the group of us that lived together in the English Lake District when we went out mountain biking together…
But I have cycled as my main mode of transport since my early teens.

So I understand the effect the bike has on the body.

I understand the postural havoc the bike can wreak.

And I know how to fix it.

Truth be told, most people when they enter a sport either do so because they enjoy it or because they want a hobby that will help them stay fit.
Few realise that sport and health are divergent goals.

All athletes, in fact everyone who trains in a one dimensional manner, be they a tennis player, BJJ fighter, cyclist or weight lifter will develop specific attributes that correspond with the needs of their sport.
They will also develop specific weaknesses.

For a cyclist we are talking about Quad dominance, terrible hip flexors, weakness in the glutes and abs and shoulders that are crying for mercy.


So it stands to reason that doing some off the bike work is absolutely necessary for keeping the body in check.

Two exercises I strongly advocate for any cyclist are the Bulgarian Split Squat and the Inverted Row.

Regulars of mine will recognise these as two central drills in most training programs I create. But for a cyclist, they’re a near perfect fit.

The Split Squat allows you to strengthen the leg in a closed chain manner without overloading the spine.

The Inverted Row allows you to focus in on reversing the effects of the forward flexed, rounded shoulder position you hold for so long in the saddle.

Both exercises also ask a lot from the core in order to keep the body stable as the exercises are performed.


These are just two of the techniques I’ll be teaching on the workshop.
I’ll also be going over the following headings:

  • Joint Mobility
  • Dynamic Warm Ups that are specific to the individuals needs
  • Postural Realignment techniques for common cycling ailments
  • Breathing & Breath control
  • Identifying weak areas and specific interventions
  • Stretching and whether to use it or not

It’ll be a packed day.
For more details and booking info, please follow THIS LINK

And I’ll see you there.


Dave Hedges



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