Minimalism, Dragons and a wee Rant

herebedragonsIt’s been a busy couple of weeks for me, hence the lack of blogs.
But that doesn’t mean my mind has been quiet, it’s a mess inside my head writing this blog actually serves to help me organise my thoughts somewhat, kind of like mental housekeeping.
I don’t think I’ll ever be one of those professional fitness bloggers, you know the ones that have posts queued up month in advance with everything automated.

Most of what I write about comes direct from an event or conversation that I had in person either that day, or within a few days of writing.

These last few days I’ve been so busy with real people that I’ve had little time to sit down and write about it. So today’s post isn’t going to follow the usual start-middle-end to make a single, distinct point.
Consider this more of a brain fart.

Point ONE

I’ve been busy.
Coaching people is what I do professionally, being a Dad is what I do the rest of the time. Any left overtime is spent sleeping, eating and getting some sofa time with the dog.

Over the weekend, in between the kids going to bed and the sofa time with Dog, I was writing online training programs.
I relaunched the online service a few months ago and have done several online consultations for people, turned down a few applications and accepted a few applications.
This weekend I sent out three individualised programs to three very different people with three very different goals.
It’s kinda fun sitting pouring over the photo’s and video they send in for assessment. Flicking from one picture to the next and back looking for imbalances, misalignments. Watching the video over, and over, pause it, frame advance, frame back. Until I glean as much info as I can from it to build their warm ups from.
Thats right, their WARM UPS.

Not even their workout.
Although in many cases, I use a quote from the great Dan John, “Make the warm up your work out”
ie, get all the important shit done in the warm up to ensure you are the best animal you can be for when you move to the heavy stuff.
Think about it, it makes a lot of sense.

But then I go over to facebook and have a wee mooch about at whats going on.
Naturally many of my facebook contacts (the word “friends” really is inappropriate when I’ve never met 90% of the people I am connected to) are also in the fitness industry as professionals.
I see an update from one dude, who is specialising in online training, so naturally I’m interested.

In his update he says how several thousand people have just signed on for his next period of training.

And I wondered.

I’ve just taken on and sent out training programs for three people. Three. 3.
It took approx an hour per person to do. So about three hours work.

How in the hell is online guru guy going to do several thousand. Never mind that, how about hundred?


He sends out a single generic PDF file to them all. The same file containing the same info to every person on the list.
Maybe he has a private facebook group where whoever buys the book can chat about it. But how in the hell is that a good online service?

I have PDF books you can buy, as does almost every other coach on the internet. In these books are workouts and programs you can follow. Generic, albeit good, but still generic workouts.

Yet we call them what they are. Ebooks.

It aint online training if there’s no personalisation.

This brings me to the next thing.

My Florida based buddy, Mr Tom Furman has just sent me a fantastic blog post he wrote.
It’s called “Synergy” and in it he takes two of these online eBook based training programs, one he wrote, which I have and recommend, and another I’ve yet to get round to.

Both eBooks have a common theme, minimalism.

He explains the good and bad of the minimalist style of training, and then shows how and why these two books combined are syngerists and give a more rounded training program then either does by itself. What he talks about in the post is bigger than “please buy these eBooks” it’s about how to view training, how to look at building a training program and developing balance.

A very well thought out blog post (unlike this one), take the time to read it.


Aaaaaand finally

Want to try on of the toughest core training drills going?

Here’s a wee demo by one of my girls. Would you believe this is only her second time attempting it, this is her second rep on her second ever attempt. Lets see how well you go on your first few goes!

It’s called the Dragon Flag

Jo is working the negative only, which is more than enough for most people. In time she’ll be able to lift herself back up, and even stop, pause and change direction at will throughout the rep.

Pretty cool eh?


Dave Hedges

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