Your Training Program, Done For You.

neesontakenMost days I remember to post a daily workout on my Wg-Fit Facebook page ( <- that’s a link to the page, click on it and like the page or I will find you and I will kill you…….)

These workouts are basically what happens in my place every lunchtime as guys from the local offices get released from their desk and run into me for short sharp workout before they have to return to their day.
So I program varied workouts, that are of a full body nature yet take less than 30 mins to complete.

Great for general fitness and probably fat loss.

But if you want more, if you want to develop a serious amount of strength/power, a little more is needed.

Simply adding some heavy lifting, either barbell or kettlebell or advanced bodyweight drills prior to the prescribed daily “WOD” is your key.

Here’s my choices:

Hip Dominant: Deadlift, power clean, heavy swing, double KB snatch, broad jump, suitcase jump.

Knee dominant (squat): Front Squat, Back Squat, Jump Squat, Single leg squat, Split Squat

Upper Body Push: One Arm Push Up, Dip, Floor Press (kettle or bar), Turkish Get Up (very, very heavy!)

Upper Body Pull: Pull Up, Bent Over Row, Pull up and erm, Pull ups.

Usually we’d superset the upper body push and pull.

So if you train three days per week, you’d maybe do:
Day 1 Hip
Day 2 Upper body push/pull
Day 3 Knee

I like people to start with a 5RM and do 3sets of 3 reps. Each week add volume until we hit 5 reps for up to 5 sets. At this point we add weight and return to 3×3.
Or we may use Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 method which is excellent.

So there you go, our daily lunchtime workouts taken up a notch for use when you have more time to commit but still taking less than an hour.
Don’t forget to like the page to get the daily workout.

Have fun.

Dave Hedges



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