5 tips for Getting Back Training from Illness

This time of year is rough, especially if you have kids!

Mine are just over some bug that they passed onto my wife and then myself.
Many of my clients have young kids and they too have been struggling with illnesses.
Even the young free and single among my client list have been dropping like flies.

And fair enough, getting sick is inevitable, and you could look at it as natures way of telling us to back off and take a breather.
You certainly don’t want to be taking a communicable illness into the gym with you and infecting all your training partners!

But we do need to get ourselves up and back in the fight as quickly as possible.
So how should we manage this?

1: Don’t Stress!
You won’t lose all those Gainzz in just a few days.
Any weight you do lose is mostly going to be fluids, it’s not lean tissue, so don’t fret.

2: Sleep
Yup, get as much shut eye as possible. A solid 8 hours of sack time plus as many naps as you can manage. Even if you don’t sleep, just getting comfy, closing the eyes and getting some undisturbed deep breathing will do wonders for you.

3: Fluids
We said in point 1 that the weight you lost is mostly water weight. So top it up as much as you can. Sip away at water, herbal teas and treat yourself to a lucozade sport or if you’re old fashioned, flat 7Up (granny will tell you to boil it, try it, it works)

4: Come Back Slowly
Do NOT just rush back to training when you think you feel better, ease back into it.
Jumping in balls deep very often results in a relapse.
When you’re sick your immune system is low, as you recover it is still depressed, exhausted by fighting off the illness. When you train your immune system takes a temporary dip, although long term training often improves immunity.
This dip in an already low system can lead to a relapse and more lost training time.

5: Fruit and Veg
Get em into you.
Can’t stress this enough, eat your greens, get your citrus fruits, drink veggie juices, just get em in.
Those vitamins, minerals and fibre will do you nothing but good and will get you back in the fight quick sharp.

Obviously these are very general points, you have to listen to your own body and of course seek professional medical advice.
But I guess the main point here is not to stress.
Training is a life long commitment, a few days off here and there isn’t going to matter. A few days back on the training floor and you’ll be right back where you left off.


Dave Hedges


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