Fixing, Fighting and Feeding

Got some busy weekends coming up!




This weekend I’ll be back out with the Anatomy In Motion guys, Messrs Ward & Sritharan for the Finding Centre Level 1 course.
I already took the course about a year ago but I feel a refresher is well and truly in order.

Knowledge and understanding of the Human Animal of the type possessed by these guys is a rare find indeed and I feel myself getting smarter just by being in the same room as them.

And then they start talking, and all of a sudden I’m back to being some caveman who shouts at people of a living!

But when I’m not shouting at folk to move faster, lift more, maintain solid form, then the AiM work we’ve introduced to WG-Fit over the last 12 months has been a game changer for so many of my crew and also the dozens of people who’ve come in specifically for an AiM session.
The words most commonly used to describe the process is “witchcraft” and I’m tempted to agree with them.

Mr Anatomy in Motion himself

Mr Anatomy in Motion himself

But all the AiM does is take the body back to its natural state, nothing more, nothing less. It’s deceptively simple and infuriatingly complex at the same time. But if we can centre the skeleton we can return the muscles to their resting length and we can hopefully optimise their function.
At least that’s the plan.

But to see people come in with years worth of old injury and degrees of pain, yet to have them leave feeling and moving freer than they have in years is astounding.

So needless to say I am looking forward to this weekend, 3 x 8 hour days of information overload, but what good information!


The following weekend I’m back to caveman mode as I teach my Self Defence workshop.

I usually schedule one for this time of the year as each December scores of people hit the pubs and bars for Xmas celebrations and partying, many of whom are what the bar and security trade refer to as “Holly & Ivy drinkers” ie not used to the hustle and bustle of the city at night.
And as it’s party time, everyone is out in force and that includes the nasties. The pick pockets, the addicts, the scumbags.
All hunting for easy pickings.

It’s a busy time for professionals, the Police, the Ambulance and Hospitals and the Door Security teams.
It really shouldn’t be this way.

So I run this course to help you avoid becoming part of this years statistics.

This year though I’m doing it differently.
I’ve been asked several times over these last few moths about non violent conflict management, which is a fancy term for talking your way out of trouble.
A few of my clients work in the social care sector and have found themselves in situations where they were less than comfortable, so I’ve added this to the course.
On Day 1 well start with the non violent means before introducing the more violent means.
Day 2 will be dedicated to the physical.

Why the mix?

Well, to be fair, there’s no guarantee either way. Someday’s you’ll talk your way out of a problem, but there are times where this simply is not possible and you must have the tools and the mindset in place to drop the chat and fight your way out.
It’s not a nice reality, but it is reality.

killeveryonein the room

The well known phrase “be polite, but have a plan to kill everyone in the room” sums up the core of this course.

Here’s more details:

Day 1: Sat 6th Dec, 1000-1600

– The Self Defence Continuum
– Non Violent Conflict Management
– Situational Awareness
– The “Fence” Concept
– Body Mechanics for Power Generation
– Three Basic Hand Strikes

Day 2: Sun 7th Dec, 1000-1600

– Day 1 Review
– Two Basic Defences
– Introduction to “Anti-Grappling”
– Determination & Aggression Drills
– Q&A

The workshop is open to all.
Previous workshop attendees will receive a deeper level of coaching.

Places will be limited so booking is a must.

Date : Sat 6th & Sun 7th December, 1000-1700 both days
Location: Wild Geese Martial Arts
Cost: Day 1 only: €65
Both Days: €100
CLICK HERE to book


Aaaaaand the weekend after that?

I’m having a pre Xmas dinner with the inlaws.
Can you say “over indulgence”????

Chat later

Dave Hedges



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