Dave’s Advice for Surviving the Xmas Season

It’s 6 days to Xmas.
I’m closing the gym for 12 days between 24/12 – 05/01 inclusive.

I for one am looking forwards to having a few days of eating, drinking and playing with my kids toys.

One thing I’ll not be doing is obsessing over how much and what I eat.

Each year facebook starts to piss me off as all the coaches, trainers and gurus start releasing posts and articles on how to “survive christmas”, “not get fat over xmas”, “foods to avoid over xmas” and other such assorted tosh.

Here’s my advice:

Relax, enjoy yourself, have some common sense and realise that a few days of over indulging isn’t going to set back the last 12 months of solid training.

In January I will have people competing in the Brazilian Jiu jitsu European Championships, in Feb I have people (including myself) competing in the Irish Kettlebell Sports nationals. And I gave the same advice to them.

Ignore the guru’s and the fear mongers.
Take the break.
We’ll pick up in the new year, I guarantee you’ll be no more than one or two workouts away from where you left off.

If taking time off is too much for you, revisit my last post on Daily Debt Training, or pull out some of the 12 days workouts you’ve been getting via email, or better yet do something completely different, something new.


Dave Hedges

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