Upcoming Kettlebell Workshops and Instructor Training


Up until the last year or so I was running kettlebell workshops as well as hosting international kettlebell coaches, such as Steve Cotter at Wild Geese.

I stopped doing these as there just seemed to be a glut of workshops and courses for people to learn about safe and effective kettlebell training.
Turns out that quantity did not equal quality and the majority of the courses are neither safe nor effective.

So I’m relaunching them this year, with a an instructor level module.

I have 4 levels of workshop, we’re starting with 1&2, with the others coming later in the year.

The Level 1 & 2 kettlebell workshops each cover 3 lifts, that’s all.
The workshop lasts for three hours.

Three hours to cover warming up and then three lifts, sounds like there’s not a lot of content.
By eliminating quantity of content, we can focus on quality of content.
By eliminating breadth, we can focus on depth.

The aim of the workshop is to leave you with doubts or questions as to how to use the kettlebell, how to apply the lift and how to ensure safe and effective progression.

This level of detail simply cannot be acheived when dozens of exercises are taught in the course of one day. When it comes to retaining information and developing skills, less is more. 

Depth of knowledge trumps breadth of knowledge.
It’s take nearly 20 years of teaching martial arts first, then working as a training officer in the Hilton Hotel I worked in, then back to martial arts teaching and now fitness coaching to realise this.

I’ve also added an instructor level module, not a certification, but a module where we can analyse the teaching element of the content covered over the workshop.

The workshops are suitable for anyone looking to start training with kettles or to look deeper at the kettlebell lifts.
And for anyone who teaches or wants to teach the lifts.
But also for anyone who questions the efficacy of kettlebell training to come and see for themselves.

My methods hold no allegiance to any one system or style, I’ve learned from many sources and used them effectively to train a vast array of people from BJJ champions, Thai Boxers, Kettlebell Sports champions, candidates (who passed) for the RKC and normal people who simply love to train.

Have look at the tutorials on the articles page to see the level of detail we go into.
And for booking information, follow these links:

Kettlebell Level 1: Click Here
Kettlebell Level 2: Click Here

Dave Hedges

If you’re interested in my classes / private training, CLICK HERE

Kettlebell Workshops, CLICK HERE


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