Utilising Body Mechanics to Generate Knockout Power

Every Tuesday afternoon a young lad comes into me for a 1 on 1 eskrima class.

Eskrima is Filipino Martial Art that I view to be the most practical of all the arts currently available.

But that’s just my opinion.

Today he was practising his empty hand defences, which naturally means throwing a pretty solid punch.

Not just throwing a punch, but throwing it on the move, with power and accuracy.

The lad in question isn’t a big lad, but he’s learned to use what he has to generate a significant amount of force. More than enough to knock me out if he connected well, and I’m a good bit bigger and stronger than him.

How can I say this confidence?

We’ve taught him about leverage, about body mechanics and about the stretch response.

All the same info we use to lift heavy weights, to improve our mobility (see yesterdays post) we can use to generate power and hit hard.
After all, body mechanics are body mechanics, we just need to apply them in the right context.

It didn’t take long to get the basic mechanics into him, resulting in power generation that surprised even him.
It didn’t take much longer to get the accuracy, that’s just about practice.
And now he’s hitting on the fly, to a variety of targets as they become available.

And I’ve only taught him three strikes, all of which come off the same spinal engine.

The same three strike I’ll be showing on the 1 day self defence course later this month.


If you want more info on the course and if you’re interested in learning to hit harder than you thought possible, follow this link: http://bit.ly/1Ph8nRm 

The course will answer most of your questions regarding self defence, obviously with it being a 1 day event, it’s impossible to cover everything. But you will come away from the day with a set of skills that you can then train, practice and make your own.

And with luck, never, ever use.


Dave Hedges

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